“With training received from the Accelerator programme, we’ve managed to arrange face to face interviews with 3 different customers segments, asking them very specific questions and successfully complete a sell with some of them. The best outcome of the programme was that we got the opportunity to come closer to our customers, learn more about the market we have and most importantly come in contact with customers in Greece that were willing to be our dealers and had already placed an order while we were still in the Accelerator Programme. We have to say that it is only because of the funding from the programme we’ve managed to produce and export in Greece and France. It was also a great opportunity to make the PEP in the USA so that we can have an official result about the performance of our solar ovens. During the webinars we had also the opportunity to discuss very important issues with experts about our business expansion and very good suggestions about our marketing strategy. We would like to thank all the team for their help. ”